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Artist selfie

NorsuArt is the banner for Laura Haarlaa's illustrations. For the past 15 years she has been illustrating personalized cards and gifts for family and friends. With NorsuArt, she hopes to bring her unique and heart-warming illustrations to a wider audience, to you!

Norsu means elephant in Finnish. And since elephants are known to never forget, the logo has been present in Norsu cards ever since the beginning. When you send a NorsuArt card, it means you haven't forgotten that special someone, that you value them, and that they are part of your world.

So what are we about?  Well, we do tailored wedding invitations, tailored invitations for businesses, and illustration projects.  And of course, we do CARDS, so you can send your lovin' all around the world.  We are in the beginning stages of all that is NorsuArt, so hang in there with us for the journey.  Check the blog for more personal updates!

NorsuArt ships worldwide from Helsinki, Finland.



Wedding Invites
& Stuff

NorsuArt offers you wedding invitations, save the date postcards, placeholders and the visuals you need to make the details of your special day perfect. More about this service in early 2017!


More info in Finnish:


Hääkutsu palvelun hinnasto ja tuotteet

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Would you like tailored invitations or greeting cards for your business or community?  The perfect "special touch" for your festivities start with your invitation.  

Whether you would like a digital version or printed cards, NorsuArt offers both options. You can work from an existing template or start completely afresh and order an illustration that works for you. Get in touch through the Contact link below!



For Businesses and Communities

Anniversary coming up? Christmas greeting needs? 

Bespoke Orders

NorsuArt also available in:

Enonkoski: Kodinhelmi Puoti, Enonkoskentie 7

Heinola: Suni Kukkakauppa, Kauppakatu 11

Helsinki: Espan Enkelit, Kalevankatu 11

             Kankurin Tupa, Pohjoisesplanadi 35

             Piironki, Aleksanterinkatu 12

             Punnitse ja Säästä, Simonkatu 9, Kamppi

             Seven Art, Yrjönkatu 27, (Forumin Kukontori)

             Sininen Tulppaani, Annankatu 12      

             Yhtäjuhlaa, Hakaniemen Kauppahalli

Jyväskylä: Harjun Paperi, Yliopistonkatu 6

Lohja:    pikkuOmena, Rantatie 1, Pusula

             Saarelman Puutarha, Urheilukuja 4, Nummi

Nilsiä:    Sinikan Kukkakauppa, Nilsiäntie 81

Pori:       Kukkakauppa Madeleine, Vähäraumantie 43

             Kukka Mylly, Itäpuisto 12

Porvoo:   Design Deli, Jokikatu 41

Salo:      Design Hill, Vaskiontie 418, Halikko

             Salon Kukkakori, Horninkatu 11

Seinäjoki: AR-Kukka, Väinämöinen 2

Turku:     Kukkakauppa Florea, Hämeenkatu 9

Tuusula:  Sweet Me, Hyrylänkatu 6