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Your story is truly special. Perhaps your engagement was a magical moment, or you have a pet that brings you together.
Was it your first date that sealed the deal? Or are your hobbies hallmarks of who you are?

Let NorsuArt draw and design your wedding invitation to share your story as you want it told!

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How to order wedding invitations:

The invitation consists of three drawn elements: a picture of the couple, a side picture or a border design, and a wedding slogan.  These three elements can then used to design your invitation, menus, placecards and signs. The process begins with a small questionnaire about your story and continues to the first draft of the drawing. From the drawing stage to the delivery of invitations, please schedule a month to ensure a relaxed process. 

All wedding invitations are comprised of these three elements: the main drawing of you, a side picture and your slogan.

Wedding Packages

Wedding Package 1—DIY lovers

Includes drawing of the couple, slogan and side picture. This is a unique drawing of the wedding couple that displays your personality and relationship in a fresh and joyful way. The slogan and side picture can serve to support the wedding theme. A pdf or jpg will be delivered to you so you can make your own invitations or use the elements for other printed wedding materials. 

Price: 170 € incl VAT 24 %


Wedding Package 2—No stress invitations

This is for when you don't want any gray hairs about the invitations. NorsuArt will take care of the drawing, invitation design and printing. In addition to the drawing of the couple, the side picture and the slogan, this package includes a personable design for the invitations, printing and delivery to one address, with envelopes included. 

Price example: 40 pcs postcard invites (A6 size) 355 €,
40 pcs folded invites (A6 size) 410 € incl. VAT 24 %


Wedding Package 3—All-out

Includes the visual theme of the entire wedding as well as a sigh of relief for you, the bride and groom. This package includes the drawing of the couple, the side picture and slogan, the design of the invitation, printing, delivery to one address, as well as the place cards, menus and programs. All printed materials will carry the same theme according your wishes. Full-service option (extra charge for written place cards and mailing of invitations). 

Price example: (is completely tailored according to your wishes):
40 pcs A6 size invitations,
70 pcs one-sided place cards,
70 pcs one-sided programs,
10 pcs A5 one-sided table numbers
810 € incl VAT 24 %


Wedding Package 4—Digital Version

Includes drawing of the couple, slogan and side picture and the designing of a digital invitation (pdf). This is a unique drawing of the wedding couple that displays your personality and relationship in a fresh and joyful way that can be sent to your guests digitally. 

Price: 240 € incl VAT 24 %


Customer Guarantee: 

You will have the sense that your needs and wishes have been heard, and you won't have to stress about the outcome. The process is smooth, as you work directly with me, the artist, and the opportunity is always present to comment on the drafts and make changes. The more unique the drawing request, the better! The final product is printed on high-quality 300 gr paper in signature NorsuArt design. This is one wedding preparation guaranteed to be a success! 


Bonus: All of the wedding packages include the opportunity to order thank you cards with the same theme and illustration. Prices for the thank you cards can be found by clicking on the above link! 


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