Rain, dear! No, reindeer!

Inspiration comes from many sources, so sometimes it is hard to actually pinpoint what made me draw a certain scene.  I think etched somewhere in my earliest memories are images of childhood books with beautiful patterns, nordic snow scenes where people are clad in thick knitted sweaters and some cute children my mother once painted on ceramic and hung on the wall.

I seem to keep drawing reindeer this season.  They can't help but shove their curious noses into the scene and demand a spotlight this season. "Is it Christmassy enough?" I asked my husband as I looked at the reindeer under the blanket.  "It has a reindeer in it, of course it's Christmassy," he said with the air of a nordic Christmas expert.

I have some angels, too. I wanted to bring in one of my favorite elements of Christmas, which is good news to all mankind. They are helping me do it.