Winning them over

With new cards, baking hot off the presses, I approached some stores in the city to see if they would like to sell them this season.  I confess to a small bit of nerves every time I do this..."Will they want them?" and "Are these really as nice as I think?" are questions that flit across my mind as I walk into a venue.

The truth is, not everyone likes everything. And that's as it should be.  One of my previous locales didn't take any this year.  Another took more than I expected. New clients were enchanted.  Many more are yet to be reached.  I kind of relish the process of finding retailers who are fun to work with, or getting a "yes, we'll take them," after an initial "no."  

I find that there is a huge learning curve in sales and marketing for a non-business person like me. But I am going to approach my own mistakes as an integral part of the process.  And I am pleased to announce that there are 3 locations in Helsinki that are now selling my cards!  Kankurin Tupa has a year-round Christmas section that caters to tourists. Espan Enkelit is a kitschy gift shop. and Lahjatalo is also a gift shop with fun knick-knacks, located in the Forum Shopping center.