wedding fair, in the air!

The weather can't make up its mind. One moment all is sunny and Spring looks as if it could burst in glory as the crocuses peer out of patches of browned grass.  Literally five minutes later snow is falling from a low gray sky, only to make way for another bit of tantalizing sun in the next hour, which also vanishes into a fall-like fog.

But while snow is reluctant to leave the air, love is all around!  After the Love me do! fair I have had the joy of drawing and creating wedding invitations for Kristiina and Tero! 

How does the process work? Well, with a photograph and some key questions to the couple, I make a draft of the illustration.  Once commented on by the bride and groom, I make the final version with some minor edits possible.  I design a slogan of your choosing and also a decorative element for invitations and place cards.  If you are the DIY type, perhaps this is all you need.  But if you want it all, I design the whole invitation and send them with envelopes straight to your doorstep!

The relaxed couple pictured below loves their golden retriever pup and spending quality time together.  Their picture has to do with the moment he proposed during their travels.  It also captures the warmth and comfort they feel in their relationship, and that after all they have been through it is time to tie the knot! 

With best wishes to the bride and groom and with many thanks for allowing me to create a small part of your great celebration!

Are you looking for personable and unique wedding invitations? Use the contact button below to get in touch!

Are you looking for personable and unique wedding invitations? Use the contact button below to get in touch!

Fair enough!


The Love me do wedding fair came and went last weekend, preceded by two weeks of crazy working hours and followed by an adrenaline-slump-induced contented weariness.  As a first fair experience, it was a good one.  The other exhibitors were friendly, the atmosphere was light, and the visitors weren't only looking for wedding services, they were also looking for inspiration.  

I wanted a unique way to display my example wedding invitations.  So on Friday, setup day, Hubby and I chopped down some small trees from our fields.  We found birch stumps that he sanded and drilled to fit the trunks.  On rag rugs, they became a homey and woodsy display. Since it is winter, I figured little lace doilies would work as decorations on the branches, emulating snowflakes and bringing a delicate detail to the overall "feel" of the booth.

Apparently fair-goers don't purchase much at the events themselves.  So it remains to be seen in the upcoming months whether brides and grooms get excited about being drawn onto their own wedding invitations in NorsuArt style.  I hope so!