Fair enough!


The Love me do wedding fair came and went last weekend, preceded by two weeks of crazy working hours and followed by an adrenaline-slump-induced contented weariness.  As a first fair experience, it was a good one.  The other exhibitors were friendly, the atmosphere was light, and the visitors weren't only looking for wedding services, they were also looking for inspiration.  

I wanted a unique way to display my example wedding invitations.  So on Friday, setup day, Hubby and I chopped down some small trees from our fields.  We found birch stumps that he sanded and drilled to fit the trunks.  On rag rugs, they became a homey and woodsy display. Since it is winter, I figured little lace doilies would work as decorations on the branches, emulating snowflakes and bringing a delicate detail to the overall "feel" of the booth.

Apparently fair-goers don't purchase much at the events themselves.  So it remains to be seen in the upcoming months whether brides and grooms get excited about being drawn onto their own wedding invitations in NorsuArt style.  I hope so!