Spessu Advent Calendar for a (Super) Special Someone (eng)

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spessu box for shop.jpg

Spessu Advent Calendar for a (Super) Special Someone (eng)


With the help of this super-duper advent calendar, you can show your special someone what they mean to you. You can share positive thoughts or mention how they brighten your day. You can write snippets of poems or songs, quotations and thoughts to ponder, or even draw a picture. The important thing is that it’s from you!

The English version comes with English writing tips, and you can find them and more at www.norsuart.com/spessuadventcalendar

Spessu comes in a cardboard box (12 x 16 x 2,7 cm), that can be used for storing your cards or mailing the filled cards and envelopes to your special someone if they are far away.


24 NorsuArt blank mini-cards

24 hand-stamped numbered mini-envelopes

24 mini-clothespins

Wool yarn for hanging

Writing tips

I want to thank the Freelance Graafikot for their support of this calendar!

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Content visible here, along with the designs of the 24 minicards.

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