Spessu Advent Calendar for a (super) Special Someone

Thanks for showing you care with Spessu!

With the help of this super-duper advent calendar, you can show your special someone what they mean to you. You can share positive thoughts or mention how they brighten your day. You can write snippets of poems or songs, quotations and thoughts to ponder, or even draw a picture. The important thing is that it’s from you!

Spessu is meant for all kinds of super special people: spouses, children, parents and friends. You can choose and modify any of the writing tips to fill in the cards and then put them in their envelopes. You can give the envelopes directly, hide them for clever discovery, or hang them up with the clothespins and yarn as a festive decorative element that will reveal 24 holiday drawings as the calendar progresses. You can also mail the filled cards and envelopes in the same box if your super special someone is far away.

Writing Tips

To help you display Spessu. Hand-stamped envelopes. Cozy yarn. Wooden clothespins.

To help you display Spessu. Hand-stamped envelopes. Cozy yarn. Wooden clothespins.

For a Friend or Spouse

Fill in the phrases below about the calendar’s recipient and you will have content for 24 cards. You can use the same tip for more than one card if there is more than one answer!

1.          My favourite memory with you is…

2.         You make me smile when you…

3.         I really value how you…

4.         When things are tough, I appreciate that you…

5.         You always make me laugh when…

6.         Today I am especially thankful for you because…

7.         Thank you for……yesterday/last week.

8.         I’ve noticed that you often …… and thank you for that.

9.         The physical feature I most like about you is…

10.       (Title of a song) always makes me think of you because…

11.         My favourite moment of the day with you is… because…

12.        You are especially on my mind when…

13.        You are important to me because…

14.        Today I want to wish you…

15.        I admire your ability to…

16.        I thought you were so courageous when you…

17.        If you were an actor/actress you would be… because…

18.        Of our everyday routines, the one I love the most is…

19.        I always think of you when I smell…

20.       Without you in my life I would never have known/done…

21.        Thank you for helping me with…

22.       I want to give you a positive theme word for the day. It is:

23.       If I had to describe you in one word, it would be:

24.       This Christmas I especially want to wish you…

25.       (Draw a picture of him/her/both of you/your family)

26.       I dream of… together.

27.       I would love to experience….with you again.

28.       I was so proud of you when…

29.       I would like to tell you that….

30. The best thing about everyday life with you is…

For Children (of all ages)

Activity suggestions for the day. The important thing here, is that you do it together!

1.          Make and decorate gingerbread cookies

2.         Make Christmas cards.

3.         Make your favourite meal for dinner.

4.         Prepare crepes for dessert!

5.         Select this year’s Christmas cards together.

6.         Draw Finnish flags on paper and decorate the house with them.

7.         Play Uno, Skipbo, or other favourite card game or board game.

8.         Put on our cozy wool socks, make hot cocoa and drink it under the blankets.

9.         Read out loud together.

10.       Make pancakes and spend time together without phones/technology.

11.         Call grandma/grandpa/other important person.

12.        Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn.

13.        Take old toys to be recycled or given as gifts.

14.        Play our favourite game

15.        Make pine cone elves.

16.        Go play in the park.

17.        Participate in a hobby together (what is yours?)

18.        Order pizzas home (or some other treat).

19.         Listen to or sing Christmas carols together.

20.       Read a Christmas story or book together.

21.        Go ice-skating together

22.       Record a funny Christmas greeting on the phone to send to relatives.

23.       Decorate the tree

24.       Eat Christmas pastries and go to the sauna.

25.       Create our own words for a Christmas carol.

26.       Have a gingerbread house decorting competition

27.       Invite the neighbours/other special guests over for hot chocolate

28.       Go sledding (if there is snow!)

These cards are waiting for you to fill them with content!

These cards are waiting for you to fill them with content!

You can mail the filled cards in this same box if your super special someone is far away!

You can mail the filled cards in this same box if your super special someone is far away!

Food for Thought: Quotation sites

Whether it’s food for thought or a jolt of positivity for their day, here are some sites to get you started:

http://www.quotegarden.com/ (my fave, by topic)